Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide

Introduction to this Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide:

This is the perfect Tower of Fantasy beginner guide for anyone that has just started playing the game.
Since this game is still in an early stage, there are a lot of things that can change which means that we recommend you to check out our site from time to time to make sure that you are up to date!
Make sure to check out our guides page for more advanced / detailed tutorials HERE

Combat System:

Combination Attacks:
After a fully charged attack on a target, switching weapons can trigger a combo attack.

Phantom Time:
If you dodge before a monster hits, phantom time will be triggered and the weapon’s original damage will be built up again. Switching weapings will trigger the combo attack.

Elemental Resonance:
Every type of monster has its own weakness. Just use the corresponding elemental attack in order to deal more damage.

Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide

Non-attribute Shield:
This type of shield has no elemental resistance and no elemental damage reduction. It is recommended to be used with monster weakness weapons.

Physical Shield:
The Cyan Physical Shield is way harder to break with physical weapons. This means we recommend using elemental weapons to break this shield.

Combat Tips:

  • Use a weapon that counters your enemy’s attributes. If you don’t have a weapon for that, then use the highest level weapon!
  • Triggering the phantom may not be easy. This means you should practice it well because if you can trigger it every time, then your battles will be much easier.
  • If the enemys have archers then try to kill them first. Mostly they are on high platforms and can become a real problem during the battle.
  • If you do not have an SSR or SR fire weapon, you should use a compound bow.
  • Obviously do not try to fight monsters that have a way higher level than you have.
  • You don’t really need SSR. High star SR also does the job well.

We hope this Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide helped you a bit 🙂


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